November Community Events: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Carrie Hall, CPT

It’s already November, folks! It’s that time of the year when things start getting busier and we start thinking about ALL the thankful things! Here at Fit Family Physical Therapy, we are rounding out another great year with so much for which to be thankful! One of the things at the top of our “Fit Fam Thankful List” is our community! We love being a member of the community and want to share how others can get involved this November!

Whether you are looking for active events, family events, or even just to FEAST, there’s a little bit of something for everyone this November. Plus, we have some great ideas on how to start your own fitness traditions around the Thanksgiving holiday. Getting involved with your community is a great way to promote and maintain a full and healthy life — part of our big mission at Fit Family Physical Therapy. So, get out there with friends, family, or even solo and see how your community can support your health, wellness, and fitness, or family goals!

November Community Events: Phoenix/Scottsdale

Run, Walk, & Race Events

Trail runs, marathons, fun runs, and more! Try something new this November and register for your first walk or run race. There are lots of options for all different ages, skill, and activity levels!

Eat, Drink, & Feast Events

If you don’t want the fuss of cooking this Thanksgiving, here are some great spots to get some good food and drink throughout the month!

General November Events

Check out some fall fun at any of these fantastic events! Learn something new, support a great cause, or stroll around outside with a craft beer in hand. Something for everyone! Great for friends and family!

Kids running outside

Start a New Tradition

If you are looking for ways to stay active while gathering with family this Thanksgiving season, here are some ideas from our Fit Fam to yours:

  • Create a Thanksgiving Day scavenger hunt for your family and friends –  This could be across town, across your neighborhood or across your backyard and home.  Big or small, this will get the whole family moving after a big meal and creates a fun, competitive team environment! Make this a yearly tradition to grow the competition over the years! Add in a costume challenge and bonus points if anyone dresses up like a turkey during the hunt!
  • Join a free workout (virtual or in person) – Many gyms and communities host free thanksgiving workouts in exchange for a food donation. Bring family and friends to your favorite gym or check out a new gym by looking for free Thanksgiving community workouts in your area on social media or sites like Eventbrite. You can find virtual workouts on apps like YouTube, Nike Training Club, Apple Fitness+, and more!
  • Create your own “Turkey Trot” – If you can’t find a local Turkey Trot or fun run to join…start your own! Set up a route through your neighborhood or a local outdoor space. Even if it’s just a mile, getting out and running or walking with friends and family is a great way to connect and burn off some of those turkey and pie calories. If you have a big group, separate the group into different ages – set the toddlers up on a 40-yard dash and the high school athletes up on a 1-mile run! There’s can be something for everyone in your very own Turkey Trot!
  • Host a morning yoga session – Before the craziness of cooking, cleaning, and most importantly, eating starts, get that morning mindfulness in with friends and family. If you are having trouble putting a yoga routine together, you can always find a YouTube video or other exercise app to guide you and your crew through! Getting together and sharing in fitness with friends and family is the most important part!

Did we miss anything?

Let us know if you have a favorite fall event! We will add it to our list! You can email us, call us, or message us on social media and we will share it with our community! Thanks for looking out!

If you’re looking for mobile physical therapy in home in the Phoenix or Scottsdale areas, contact us at Fit Family Physical Therapy for a free physical therapy consultation phone call. Skip the line with physician and insurance wait times, talk to us, and start your path to pain- and symptom-free activity today! You’ll spend more time enjoying your favorite fall events!

About the Author

Carrie Hall is a business operations guru and fitness lover. She spent many years as Chief Operations Officer of a successful e-commerce business in Phoenix, Arizona, managing and scaling end-to-end business operations. She then decided to go after a long-time goal of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer to expand her fitness knowledge and share her passion for health and wellness with others. Carrie now enjoys being able to pursue both business and fitness (with her family!) while helping and motivating others to live a full, fit, and healthy life!

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