Community Spotlight: Holistic Dr. Hout

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Carrie Hall, CPT

Here at Fit Family Physical Therapy, our mission is to encourage a sustainable active, pain-free, and health-forward lifestyle that empowers patients of all ages to lead a full and healthy life. When it comes to the care of our patients, we are all about a collaborative, team approach! We love working with other providers and specialities to help address our patients’ concerns. There are so many approaches to achieve optimal health and we always encourage our patients to explore the ones that will help them most!

One of those tactics in achieving optimal health is working with a holistic provider to address any concerns. If you are looking for a naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale – let us introduce you to Holistic Doctor Hout! When we met Dr. Houtaneh Houtan, NMD, we knew immediately that we were aligned with her passion and mission: “empowering motivated people to find and maintain their ideal wellness” (not to mention she told us her outfit was inspired by Moira Rose when we met for coffee!). Dr. Hout provides holistic care to her patients seeking treatment for many conditions including menstrual irregularities, infertility, gas/bloating, constipation, heartburn, and prediabetes/diabetes.

We interviewed Dr. Hout about her practice, patients, and Phoenix living! Read on to find out more and follow @holisticdoctorhout on Instagram for health and wellness tips, more about her practice, and more!

Thank you Dr. Hout for sharing more about your naturopathic practice in Scottsdale! Thank you for sharing your passion for optimal health and wellness with the Phoenix community!

Community Spotlight: Holistic Dr. Hout

Interview with Dr. Houtaneh Houtan, NMD

Describe your practice in two sentences or less.

I am a naturopathic doctor located in Scottsdale, AZ focusing on hormones, gut health, and metabolic conditions. I use many different natural modalities, but biological medicine serves as the foundation of everything I do—this means we focus on the big picture of balancing organ systems rather than using the limited perspective of addressing specific diagnoses.

What are you most proud of about your practice?

I am most proud of the hard work that my patients put into improving their health—they are the true healers.  I can only be the guide.  When patients are dedicated to their health, they put in the work, they get the results they seek, and they help spread the word about naturopathic medicine!

I am most proud of the hard work that my patients put into improving their health—they are the true healers.

What are your patients’ most common concerns?

My patients’ most common concerns are menstrual irregularities (including but not limited to PCOS, endometriosis, anovulation), infertility, gas/bloating, constipation, heartburn, and prediabetes/diabetes.  I see patients with a wide variety of concerns, but these are by far the most common.

Holistic Doctor Hout Office

What is one health tip you’d recommend to all people?

The one health tip I’d recommend to all patients is to PLEASE reduce environmental toxicity, both exogenous and endogenous.  Exogenous toxins are those found in our external environment (harmful chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, etc).  Endogenous toxins are those formed by our own physiology, and the most harmful of them all are negative emotions!  Manage your external environment, manage your emotions, and reap the benefits of proper physiology.

Manage your external environment, manage your emotions, and reap the benefits of proper physiology.

Holistic Doctor Hout office

Two places everyone living in Phoenix should know about.

Two places that everyone living in Phoenix should know about: Compete Athletics (my gym!) and Farm & Craft (some of the most amazing food that exists in the valley!)

How are you staying healthy?

How are you approaching your health? Let us know your favorite health provider in Phoenix. We will add it to our list! You can email us, call us, or message us on social media and we will share it with our community! Thanks for looking out!

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Carrie Hall is a business operations guru and fitness lover. She spent many years as Chief Operations Officer of a successful e-commerce business in Phoenix, Arizona, managing and scaling end-to-end business operations. She then decided to go after a long-time goal of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer to expand her fitness knowledge and share her passion for health and wellness with others. Carrie now enjoys being able to pursue both business and fitness (with her family!) while helping and motivating others to live a full, fit, and healthy life!

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