The AZ Hikeaholics

Community Spotlight: @theAZHikeaholics

If you are ready to get outside and get active – we know the perfect people to inspire you to do it! The AZ Hikeaholics are hiking fanatics, environment lovers, and active advocates! We interviewed Lauren and Owen, creators of the social media account and content, about their experiences hiking, hike recommendations, and how they stay sustainably active to do what they love most!

Work from home ergonomics and how to avoid desk fatigue

Desk fatigue is real. If you are experiencing low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, eye strain or any other muscle pain or aches, it may not be related to your workouts…it may be related to your work from home ergonomics! In this virtual world we find ourselves in, we are spending more and more time in front of our computers in the same postures all day long. Today on the Fit Family blog, we want to share some tips for how to avoid this pain and evaluate your work from home ergonomics.

October Community Events: Phoenix/Scottsdale

The leaves may not be changing color here in Phoenix, but we are ready for the 75-degree weather and ALL the fall activities. We gathered a list of some fun fall events in October and November to take advantage of on your own or with friends and family.