Developmental Milestone
Check-Ins & Support

Help your baby reach developmental milestones at home with purposeful play coaching and resources. 

Get help reaching developmental milestones at home

Running out of ideas for how to help your baby roll, sit, crawl, stand or walk? Tired of googling “is this normal?” 

We can help! We offer 1:1 developmental milestones check-ins to help with hands on activities and education for parents & caregivers of babies aged newborn – 18 months. 

Baby motor milestones

Trusted resource

Our pediatric physical therapists are experts in gross motor developmental milestones! They have treated babies of all ages and can answer all those “is this normal?” questions all parents have! 

Purposeful play

We provide purposeful play methods customized for your baby’s developmental age and motor milestone progress! All with the tools you have in the comfort of your own home!

Act early

One session per month can be peace of mind for parents worried about pediatric physical therapy concerns like torticollis, plagiocephaly, and other neurological disorders. 

No waitlists or delays

Get seen in the timeframe that you want to be seen.  Waiting weeks for help may cause gross motor delays in recovery or milestones.  


Baby Developmental Milestones Check-In: Virtual or In-Home

Meet developmental milestones at home – our pediatric physical therapists are here to help! 

  • 45-minute personalized check-in to guide your baby’s progress toward gross motor milestones (in-home or virtual)
  • Purposeful play coaching to help you guide your baby to those big milestones 
  • Text message check-in and Q&A
  • Copy of our 0-4 month milestone e-book – Floor to Explore

Not to be used in place of a physical therapy evaluation for a specific diagnosis that would warrant physical therapy services.

Start today!

One of our pediatric physical therapists is ready to check-in with you and your baby! Virtual and in-person visits available.

More pediatric physical therapy questions?

Meet our team of physical therapists passionate about helping parents and babies! As always, call, text, or contact us with any questions.

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