Direct Access
Physical Therapy

Fit Family Physical Therapy offers personalized direct-pay and direct-access, mobile physical therapy services in the comfort of your own space.

Why choose direct access physical therapy?

Direct access physical therapy allows for personalized care in the timeframe you need it.  There are no insurance delays, limits, or reviews that will stand in the way of treatment. 

direct access physical therapy


Our patients are always treated directly by the doctor of physical therapy for the full session, compared to patients at a clinic who may have a majority of their session overseen by PT aides.

No waitlists or delays

Get treated in the timeframe that you need to be treated.  Waiting weeks for treatment may cause delays in recovery or milestones.  

Fewer sessions to reach goals

Our direct access physical therapy care approach typically allows us to achieve patient goals in fewer sessions, when compared to a traditional clinic. 

No hassle payment

Avoid the hassle of getting a prescription for physical therapy from your physician, abiding by insurance limits or reviews, or awaiting processing of claims. 

Physical therapy for high school athletes

Why choose Fit Family Physical Therapy?

At Fit Family Physical Therapy, we believe physical therapy should be personalized, affordable, and convenient in order to be effective. 

Physical therapy at home

We see patients at home and provide services in the comfort and familiarity of their own space.  We provide more specialized home exercise and treatment plans because we have knowledge of your space and equipment.

Variety of expertise

Our team has years of experience in physical therapy practices across many treatment areas, with a wide variety of patient demographics. We are equipped to utilize effective treatment techniques for all types of patients.

Culture of empowerment

We want to empower patients to find new ways to live a full and healthy life well after we are gone! We provide tools and resources to help patients continue to move well after treatment is completed.

Treatment for the whole family

Our broad experience sets us apart from specialized clinics or practices.  We have the expertise and, most importantly, the passion to treat every age and life stage in the family. 

More about Fit Family Physical Therapy

Meet our team or find answers to direct access physical therapy pricing questions, payment options, and more on our FAQs page!  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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What can we do to help?

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