6 Best Exercises for After Knee Replacement

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Exercises for after knee replacement

Knee Replacement Recovery: 6 Essential Exercises with Video Instruction

Physical Therapist-Approved Exercises for After Knee Replacement

This guide, created by expert orthopedic physical therapists, will provide step-by-step instructions, complementary video demonstrations, expert insights, and a daily exercise tracker for after your knee replacement.  Get started today!

How long is knee replacement recovery?

Knee replacement recovery typically spans several weeks to months, with the initial postoperative phase focusing on pain management and mobility restoration. However, the complete recovery process may extend up to a year as patients gradually regain strength and flexibility. Adhering diligently to prescribed physical therapy exercises is crucial during this period, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing joint function, preventing complications, and ensuring a successful long-term outcome for the knee replacement.

Why is it important to do exercises after knee replacement?

Physical therapy (PT) exercises after knee replacement surgery are crucial for several reasons: 

  1. Enhanced Joint Function: Physical therapy exercises improve range of motion and muscle strength, optimizing overall joint function post knee replacement.
  2. Pain Management: Prescribed exercises alleviate postoperative pain by reducing stiffness and promoting better blood circulation.
  3. Complication Prevention: Regular therapy helps prevent complications like muscle atrophy, blood clots, and joint stiffness, ensuring a successful recovery.
  4. Long-Term Mobility: Consistent exercise contributes to sustained mobility, reducing the risk of future joint-related issues.
  5. Confidence and Independence: Physical therapy builds confidence, empowering patients to regain independence in daily activities and fostering a positive recovery mindset.

Can you walk after a knee replacement?

Yes, individuals can walk after knee replacement surgery. Walking is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process, and patients are usually encouraged to start walking with the help of crutches or a walker soon after the surgery. The timeline for resuming walking and the type of support needed can vary based on individual factors, the specific surgical approach, and the surgeon’s recommendations. Physical therapy plays a key role in guiding patients through the gradual progression from assisted walking to walking independently as they regain strength, flexibility, and stability in the replaced knee.

Exercises after Knee Replacement Guide

In our new guide, authored by Doctors of Physical Therapy from Fit Family Physical Therapy with extensive experience in knee replacement rehabilitation, we’ve distilled the most effective exercises for after knee replacement recommended by leading orthopedic experts. Whether you’ve recently undergone knee replacement surgery or are preparing for one, these exercises will be your trusted companions on the road to recovery.

What You’ll Find in the Guide:

    • Daily Exercise Plan and Tracker: A comprehensive exercise tracker to keep you accountable to the recommended number of reps and sets for each exercise, ensuring you stay on track on your recovery.
    • 6 Essential Exercises for After Knee Replacement: Each exercise is carefully chosen to target key muscle groups, aiding in faster rehabilitation and reducing the risk of complications. No equipment required!

    • Step-by-Step Instructions: Detailed instructions and illustrations ensure that you perform each exercise correctly, maximizing their benefits.

    • Complementary Video Demonstrations: Gain further clarity with access to detailed instructional videos performed by our experienced physical therapists, providing you with visual guidance to ensure you get the most out of your exercises for after knee replacement.

About Us

Recovering from a knee replacement surgery can be a transformative journey. To ensure a swift and effective recovery, it’s crucial to engage in specific exercises designed to rebuild strength, flexibility, and confidence in your newfound mobility.

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Disclaimer: Always consult with your healthcare provider or physical therapist before beginning any new exercise program, especially after surgery. The exercises for after knee replacement in this guide are intended as general guidance and may need to be modified based on your individual circumstances.

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