Exercises for Balance

Free Download: 10 Easy At-Home Exercises

At-Home Exercises for Balance

Exercises for balance are very beneficial to every day life! According to the CDC, each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. In fact, more than one out of four older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor.  Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.

Fit Family Physical Therapy is here to help! We have 10 easy exercises for balance that can be completed in the comfort of your own home and incorporated into your daily routine.  Exercises for balance are easy to complete and can help improve balance in your daily life if done with correct and proper form, as instructed in our free download.  If you or someone you know needs more than just these ten exercises for balance, reach out to us at Fit Family Physical Therapy for a balance evaluation! We can help evaluate balance and provide custom treatment to start making improvements in balance immediately.

This free download includes ten easy exercises you can do at home to improve your balance!  Each exercise features pictures and instructions from one of our board-certified physical therapists on how to complete the exercise for balance with proper form.

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