Movement Milestones for Babies

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Gross Motor Milestones for Babies

Your baby is learning how to move and shake! But is your baby on track for all gross motor milestones? It can be difficult to keep track of all the milestones for babies! Especially in that sleep-deprived state…. 

Fit Family Physical Therapy is here to help! We created the ultimate cheat sheet for gross motor milestones for babies! We highlight some of the most important movement milestones for babies at each age with easy-to-read bullet point lists.  Put it on your fridge or desk and check in every month or so – it’s that easy!  You can also check out our detailed tummy time free download for even more help in those first few months.  

If you or someone you know have a child that is missing or not meeting any milestones, reach out to us at Fit Family Physical Therapy with questions! We are happy to help! We can help evaluate and provide custom treatment to start making improvements in any delays immediately. Our board-certified pediatric physical therapists come to you! We make it easy and can treat your baby in their own environment and space. 

This free download includes pictures and bullet pointed lists for each age group and milestone for babies.  

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