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Developmental milestones guides and e-books created by our pediatric physical therapy experts. Find our detailed resources below for tummy time and all things infant development.

Guided milestone play

Floor to Explore: Guided Milestone Play (0-4 Months)

A weekly guide to achieving early milestones through play, positioning, and tummy time! Pictures, videos, troubleshooting, warning signs, & more!

Tummy time how to

Tummy Time: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

A handy dandy 1-page cheat sheet for understanding tummy time and making it more enjoyable for you and your baby.

Motor milestones chart

Gross Motor Milestones for Infants & Babies

A 1-page cheat sheet for movement milestones all the way through walking. This is one you will want on your fridge or bulletin board!

Best baby equipment

Pediatric PT Guide to Baby Equipment

Our guide to pediatric PT-approved baby equipment! We help you make the best choice to support development (and what equipment to avoid!).


Let's Roll: Guided Play for Encouraging Rolling

COMING SOON! A hands-on guide to purposeful play to help your baby to roll back to tummy AND tummy to back.
(3+ months)


Let's Sit: Guided Play for Independent Sitting

COMING SOON! A hands-on guide to purposeful play to help your baby start and master sitting.
(4+ months)

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