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Pelvic Floor Therapy

We bring expert pelvic floor physical therapy to the comfort of your home. Our goal is to provide personalized, caring treatment that helps you regain strength, function, and confidence.  Don’t worry about bringing your napping child to a clinic or fitting PT into your busy schedule. Let us bring the clinic to you!

Specialized Pelvic Floor Expertise

Our pelvic floor physical therapists have a deep understanding of the unique needs of women and their pelvic floor muscles. Our highly-trained team provides the highest quality care to help you overcome your pelvic floor challenges from postpartum to prolapse.

Home sessions in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Receive one-on-one, specialized, and private physical therapy treatment where you are most comfortable and without having to commute to a clinic. We offer in home sessions in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, bringing our specialized expertise to the convenience of your home.

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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Pelvic Floor Concerns


Pelvic floor physical therapy has many benefits, especially for women during prenatal and postpartum periods. It helps reduce pain and discomfort, making pregnancy and recovery after childbirth easier. For those with prolapse, therapy can make the pelvic muscles stronger and reduce symptoms. Older women can also benefit from this therapy by improving issues like incontinence and pelvic pain, leading to better daily function and well-being.

Prenatal & postpartum expertise

Alleviation of discomfort

Enhanced physical functioning

Restored confidence

Prevention of future complications

Our Pelvic Floor Therapists

Our highly-trained physical therapy team specializes in pelvic floor physical therapy and provide services in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix.. We have a deep understanding of the unique needs of all female conditions and pelvic floor muscles. With our expertise, we can provide the highest quality care to help you overcome any pelvic floor challenges.

Shauna Marshall PT, DPT

Abby Cladek

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Floor Specialist

What to Expect

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in Scottsdale & Phoenix

Comfortable and familiar

With private pelvic floor physical therapy treatment at home, you receive one-on-one attention in a space where you feel comfortable. We treat all female patients over 18 years old.

Convenience & flexibility

We understand that it can be challenging to take time out of your busy schedule to get to a clinic. Our physical therapists will come to your home in Scottsdale or Phoenix to provide you with the physical therapy treatment you need.

Internal & external

Our pelvic floor PT services include internal exams to accurately assess muscle function and identify any issues, but only if desired and warranted. We also focus on external components, such as compensations and overall body strengthening, to support comprehensive recovery. This dual approach ensures a thorough treatment plan that addresses all aspects of pelvic health.

Comprehensive approach

Our comprehensive approach to pelvic floor physical therapy addresses everything from prenatal pain to postpartum recovery to prolapse issues. We consider all aspects of your health to create personalized treatment plans that meet your unique needs. Our goal is to help you regain strength, reduce pain, and improve your quality of life.

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We believe that providing physical therapy for pelvic floor concerns in the comfort of your own home can greatly enhance your comfort and experience. Our compassionate and specialty-trained team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal pelvic floor function, allowing you to thrive and enjoy an active and healthy life.

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